You’ve never seen realism like this before. ForeverLawn® Select Synthetic Grass is the most advanced superior quality artificial turf available on the market. It has been carefully manufactured to mimic the look and feel of natural grass.

ForeverLawn manufactures the highest quality artificial grass on the market with low luster to appear more natural. With the strong ForeverLawn platform and tradition of excellence, you can’t go wrong with ForeverLawn® Select Synthetic Grass.
This line of artificial grass was the first ever to incorporate a tan thatch, adding to the realistic look of the turf. Unlike the astroturf of the 70s, we blend many different fibers together to create a rich, green synthetic turf. There are 4 different variations of this turf, each best suited for a different level of foot traffic:

Select VR


The tall, dense construction combined with a rich color scheme gives this product an incredibly realistic appearance and feel. Best suited for moderate traffic areas.

Select LX


The first artificial grass to feature a tan thatch, this product looks extremely natural and is great for curb appeal. Best suited for moderate traffic areas.

Select HD


Constructed with a diamond mono face yarn, this turf is highly resilient and realistic. Best suited for moderate to high traffic areas.

Select EL


Designed with a short pile height and dense blade construction, this product shows more of the tan thatch for a natural look, and also requires less infill than other products. Best suited for moderate to high traffic areas.