Why Choose ForeverLawn?

At ForeverLawn North Jersey, our number one concern is quality. Investing in ForeverLawn artificial grass as a landscaping solution is the best choice because our products are made to last. The upfront cost of artificial grass installation is nothing compared to the future savings on maintenance and water costs.
ForeverLawn always strives to stay ahead of the artificial turf market, and so far we always have. We have remained on top of the competition by using the best technology and materials to create functional and quality artificial grass that has countless benefits.

Just a few of our advancements include:

  • First ASTM 1292 safety-rated grass system
  • First artificial grass designed specifically for dogs
  • Premium backing featuring three-layer system with final layer made from 100% recycled plastic
  • Advanced water-resistant seaming system
  • First product on the market with multicolored blades and tan thatch
  • First to incorporate antimicrobial protection in multiple products
  • Advanced ten-year warranty

Why Choose Artificial Grass?

There are countless reasons why ForeverLawn artificial grass is the superior choice. Here are just a few to consider:

  • Artificial grass is low maintenance – No mowing, watering, fertilizing, or edging required. Save time as well as money that you would spend on water, gas, fertilizer, and other lawn care tools to maintain your natural grass.
  • Artificial grass is eco-friendly  ForeverLawn is committed to providing a landscaping solution that won’t harm our planet. The amount of water, gas, and harmful chemicals that goes into maintaining a natural lawn is enough reason to install artificial grass. But ForeverLawn natural grass is made from recycled materials that are non-toxic to both animals and humans.
  • Artificial grass offers versatility – Many home and business owners struggle to maintain a lush landscape because of rough terrain, drought conditions, muddy areas, or steep slopes.